Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adoption as Child Rescue

Buried in an article about celebrity adoptions:
No doubt it's admirable that celebrities are rescuing abandoned children from poverty-stricken lands ravaged by war and natural disaster and from places where AIDS is spreading quickly. They are giving a whole new life filled with opportunity to children with otherwise bleak futures. Celebs are drawing attention to worthy causes, and they have also led Americans to look beyond the option to adopt a healthy white infant, which is actually quite difficult to do in the United States.
Great. Yet another article that touts the notion that my children are charity cases. But after all, they are "worthy causes;" I've saved them from a "bleak future." I'm "admirable" to be "rescuing" them (actually, the celebs are "admirable," I'm merely following the trend because the celebs "drew attention" to the "worthy cause"). Grrrrrrr.

But wait! There is another, even more noble than I: someone who "stepped into a New York City orphanage to pick out a kid whose mom died on the streets from a drug overdose." Sigh.


Mahmee said...

The admirable/rescue comments are a hot button for me. I even blogged about it back in Nov 2007...
Not that it was the only time we've had to address that issue with strangers (or sadly, non-strangers). And...I'm sure I could have handled it better. (sigh)
I like to think that after 2.5 years I'm less incensed these days by asshats and their inappropriate comments. But, that's probably wishful thinking on my part.

malinda said...

Thanks for sharing the link, Mahmee. I think the next time someone asks where my kids are from, I'll answer with a straight face, "from the planet Purpletron, dropped off by aliens on our doorstep." I DON'T think they'll ask any more stupid questions!!!!

Mahmee said...


Anonymous said...

I do not know if this is the proper forum to post this, but...

My name is David Archuletta, Unknown Father:

Waiting! It's the hardest part. I've shouted for years and this is what has it come to -- waiting? Yet, what is it that I wait for? It is now up to an adopted boy [or young man] to find his biological half sister and me, his biological father. Then again, it may be that he will never feel the need for these introductions. Even if I had opportunity to contact him at a later point in his life, one cannot force this proposed meeting. I say this by reason of my previous efforts to reach his parents. This couple I'm sure have known about me for years; unless they have moved underground. It was through a past media barrage that my position in this only now proven to be adoption scandal had been made public almost four years ago. [CNN, a cable news TV network ran an Associated Press story as its 'Top Story of the Day' in February of 2006.] [Before the whole truth surfaced!]
Of course, sadly, it was to be that these New Jersey headlines had come to light before that same public could have become much more informed. [Nationwide news]

We never knew that the lately, much heralded adoption advocate Rosie O'Donnell had funded and actually worked at this now stripped of license, "Children of the World Adoption Agency."

Moreover, this much loved or truly hated Hollywood actress had been under this agency's employ at the same time that my son's wrongful adoption occurred? [Proven by CNN Larry King Transcripts]

Yet, it is time that my journey must now cease and desist with its seven year quest to make contact with the adoptive parents. The reason of course is to prevent a now impressionable boy from stumbling into something that he cannot understand.

Granted, such adoptive parent contact is a lot to ask for, but then they have taken a lot themselves. I am one hundred percent positive that they had to have known the truth before a "tell all" hand written extortion letter was mailed to them by the birth mother. All of my proved and verified evidence points to my statement as being fact:


"Hope you all have a nice Christmas! How was your cruise? Hope [offspring] is doing good, I think of him quite often. I tried calling you to ask for a recent picture of [offspring], but your phone was disconnected. I assume it's because you all don't want me to bother you since you have [offspring] now. It is like when I was pregnant you would have done anything for me, now that you have [offspring] it is like I don't exist anymore. I have a lot of unpaid medical bills for the nine months I was pregnant that Medicaid didn't pay. My car engine went out. I couldn't even afford Christmas for my daughter's birthday. This will be the last time I will ask you for anything or even bother you.

I need $2,000 for my unpaid medical bills and fix my car. So the total that you all will have paid me is $7,000 that's not much for [offspring] is it?? Do you have any idea what I went through in 9 months, sick every day, had surgery had all kinds of special tests. More...