Saturday, February 28, 2009

Postcard Submissions

Did you remember that the submission deadline for the G2 Global Girls postcard project is TOMORROW, March !? If you forgot, get busy! (Being grand procrastinators we finished ours this morning!) Above are Zoe's and Maya's postcard pictures, and below are the backs of the postcards with the messages the girls wrote (actually, Maya dictated hers, and I wrote it.)

As you can see, Zoe's picture is a sad birth mother and a happy me. Maya's picture has her and the hospital she was found near and the airplane that took her to America (the tree is there because she thinks maybe she was found near a tree).

Zoe wrote: This is a picture of my birth mother and my forever mother (sorry, Mei Ling!). My birth mother is sad because she misses me and had to give me away. My forever mother is happy because she gets to see me and love me every day. I miss my birth mother and she misses me too! I love my birth mother and my forever mother. Love, Zoe S. p.s. Adoption is both happy and sad and that's ok.

Maya wrote: To my China mothers: Thank you birth mother for carrying me in your tummy. I'm 5 years old (the one fact her birth mother already knows!). I play soccer and dance ballet. Thanks foster mama for taking care of me. I go to Chinese School. Maybe I can speak Chinese to you when I see you again. Why are bats lucky? Love, Maya.

So who else submitted? What do your submissions look like? What did your kids write?


Mei-Ling said...

"This is a picture of my birth mother and my forever mother (sorry, Mei Ling!)."

Um... this is your blog. Why are you apologising?

Sheri said...

Rats - somehow I missed this!! Great cards, y'all!

Lisa said...

Looks like ya'll enjoyed the project. I have to check into this magazine!