Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese Adoptee Links/Global Girls

I've read about Chinese Adoptee Links/Global Girls (G2) at Mei Magazine and at Adoption Today magazine. The group is for older girls/teens who were adopted from China (including Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong), and is described at their website as follows:

Chinese Adoptee Links (CAL) International is the first global group created by Chinese adoptees of all ages. CAL launched in the summer of 2006 with a penpal program that connected adopted children in Ireland to adopted children in the USA…
We are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, and from around the world.

CAL’s Mission: to create a multigenerational social network for the 120,000+ Chinese adoptees living in 26 countries worldwide.

CAL’s Vision: to use our social network to give back to the greater community (”bridging”) through “Global Generations, Incorporated.”

We are completely run by volunteers, ages 8 to 84, on four continents.

“CAL International - Linking Generations of Adoptees & Friends Worldwide”

Although the target age is older than my kids, I'm thrilled to know of the organization for the future! And they have a postcard project right now that is open to kids (and adults!) of all ages. Here's a description of this art/writing project:

In the season of sharing, you are invited to create a piece of artwork and a piece of short writing on any of the following topics for future generations of adoptees.

“Dear Sisters”
Your mentorship/advice to younger adoptees, quotes that are inspirational to you: a dream for the world.

“Bullies Not Wanted”
Tactics for girls if they’re bullied. A personal story involving bullying tips for verbal defense, including protection of privacy from intrusive questions.

“Love Letters To Our Mothers”
Letters to your adoptive mother, birth mother, your adoptive family, or birth family.

Click here to get all the details, and note that the submission deadline is March 1, 2009. Postcards might be included in a book to be used for fundraising.

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