Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hold your children close tonight, and give them an extra kiss. Little Lydia, whom I posted about in November, passed away today. Five-year-old Lydia, adopted as an infant from China, fought a virulent form of leukemia, and needed a transplant. Although the family miraculously found her birth family, and a 16-year-old birth sister was a match, it was too late. She could not be brought into remission so that a bone marrow transplant could be done. Her family's website is here.
UPDATE: Click here for a newspaper article about Lydia's death, including information about the memorial service in Ohio.


Wendy said...

So sad. I just was reading the archives--it was posted on a yahoo group--and although I am not a religious person I could feel the desperation and need to believe life events could be altered. What a beautiful girl with such a sweet spirit.

Lisa said...

My heart bleeds for this family, and I hope Lydia rests in peace.