Sunday, February 1, 2009

How important is a diverse neighborhood to transracial adoptees?

I hope everyone looks to the right and sees the blogroll, with blogs from adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents. I've sort of assumed y'all do that, so I don't always highlight what's said on those blogs here. But I wanted to share this snippet from Mei-Ling's blog, Shadow Between Two Worlds, with a word of encouragement to check out the blog, as well as her other blog, The Original Heping, frequently:
I saw white teachers, white peers, white friends, white neighbours, white extended family… you name a social group, and I can guarantee you it consisted of all white people. Therefore… I wanted to be white. And so, I rejected my heritage, my birth culture, and the language. This is emphasizing the consequence of impact, which is the result of intent.

Some of you might say, “Well, why didn’t you try to seek out Asian communities?”

To which I respond, “Why would I? I was in a white neighbourhood. I saw myself as

I'd add another answer to Mei-Ling's "Why would I?" How about, "you were a child, it wasn't your responsibility." I'm not saying this to pass judgement on adoptive parents of the past. But there sure isn't much excuse anymore, is there? And if there are things keeping you from moving, it simply means you need to work harder to build a diverse community in the midst of homogeneity


Mei-Ling said...

[How about, "you were a child, it wasn't your responsibility."]

You know, I was going to add that, but figured it might come across as conveying that I was blaming my parents for everything, and I was trying really hard not to do that. :P

Thanks for putting that out.

Third Mom said...

Well said!! Thank you!!

Wendy said...

Absolutely. I hope as a group we are doing things better. Sadly I think those that are in the minority.

malinda said...


I didn't want to lay blame, either, but I sure wanted to make certain no blame could be laid at the feet of a child!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Bingo! Well said, Malinda!