Friday, February 20, 2009

More Miley Mess

OK, we're giving Miley Cyrus more publicity than she's entitled to -- but I hope it pains her, rather than being a case of, "It doesn't matter what you say, so long as you spell my name right."

Still, because it fits into the age group I'm interested in, I wanted to share this post from an Asian-American mother touching on talking to your kids about the finger-pulling-eyes picture:
I want to talk with them about the Miley picture, which they haven’t seen yet. I want to show them that their Miley is mocking their Mommy, her people, her family. That what she is doing is mean and makes “mommy’s heart feel sad.”

Would it matter if my kids were just a little bit older? I recently talked this over with an anti-racist speaker that I met the other day; his kids are 8 and 10. Yes, he talked with them about it. He had a conversation about what it meant to do what Miley was doing; what it meant to make fun of other people. Those kids got it.
I haven't shown or talked to my kids about the photo, I'm not sure why. Maybe because we're not at all into Hannah Montana here? Maybe because I'm not sure they're of an age to get it?Maybe because I want to protect them from racism, even second-hand? Now I'm not so sure avoidance is the right approach.

So, have you talked about it with your kids? Share your stories and your opinions in the comments, please!


Annoyed at Miley said...

I haven't shared the story with my daughter. I think she would not get it, and defend Miley. That's how much she likes Miley. So I think it would be just be trying to convince her that Miley did something inappropriate.
I get how offensive this is to the Asian community, but I don't think this "confirms" she is a racist. We don't know what is in her head. I think she is just a conforming-loud-mouthed-head-in-the-clouds pop star.

Wendy said...

Just read that the only Asian in the picture is a TRA--he must have parents that think this is "no big deal" or that "we all do it sometimes"--those types seem a dime a dozen on APC. Sick and sad at the same time.
I am so sick of that girl, but more angry with Disney for not cancelling her contract--seems their track record though--so Phelps takes a bong hit hurting no one but his own brain cells and takes a financial nose dive, she offends an entire race and gets not so much as a call for banning her stupid show and concerts--at least not at a national level. At least there are some parents out there who do not deny racism and who will not allow their children to support someone who cannot apologize for her actions.

Anonymous said...

My 8yo (China adoptee) doesn't really know much about Miley (High School Music stars yes however ;)
and so I haven't brought the subject up.

Last year my 8yo and her best friend were playing around ... my daughter was rubbing her eyes (they were itchy), her friend copied her ... it looked just like "that" other thing. I used the opportunity to talk to them about "that" face.

It's not as big an issue for us right now as we've moved to China ... but that's not to say I'm not watching.