Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top 25 Adoption Bloggers: Please Vote!

Last year (wow, has it really been a whole year?!), I was honored to be voted onto the Top 25 Adoption Blogs list by Moms at Circle of Moms. Well, now it's time for the 2012 contest.  Take a look at the list, and please vote for those you find worthy! 

Here's what I said last year after the contest ended:
And I also want to say that if you EVER see me in another contest like this, just SHOOT ME! This ridiculous thing was ridiculously stressful for me. I like it better when I DON'T know how many votes I have and CAN'T compare my standing to anyone else's. Then it's completely out of my hands and I can just go with the flow.
But here I go again!  I suppose it's what they say about the pain of labor (not something I can speak to personally!) -- after it's over, and you see your little Top 25 badgey thingie, you forget the pain. . . .

I hope that your voting will include my blog, and I also hope it will include blogs by birth mothers (like Cassi at Adoption Truth & Claudia at Musings of the Lame) and adoptees (like Amanda of the Declassified Adoptee) since those voices are so desperately needed in the adoption blogosphere.  Please also consider adoptive parents who are keeping it real, talking about the hard issues in adoption, not just the rainbows-and-unicorns narrative so popular out there.  May I suggest votes for Mama C & the Boys,  Production, Not Reproduction,  Write Mind Open Heart,  Welcome to My Brain, Our Little Tongginator, American Family and Whatever Things Are True.  And in the comments, feel free to make campaign speeches for other blogs on the list!

You can vote for your favorites once a day, through April 21. Thanks!

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