Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"The greatest, happiest ending"

I found a surprise in this article in People Magazine about Mariska Hargitay's adoptions -- a recognition that it is "the greatest, happiest ending" when a prospective birth mother decides to parent instead of place:
After a couple of failed attempts to connect with a birth mother, Hargitay says, they found someone not far from New York City. After Hargitay and Hermann met the woman, finalized the adoption plan, were present in the delivery room, named the newborn and parented her for two days, the birth mother changed her mind.

“It was nothing short of devastating,” Hargitay explains. “But … it was probably the greatest, happiest ending. I mean, it was so painful for us, but it was deeply joyful and deeply right for her.”
How refreshing!


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Wow!! How awesome!!

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I knew I really liked her!

Catherine said...

Beautiful! Someone who 'gets it!'