Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Blame Adoption . . .

. . . for adopted son's murder of adoptive father, says this News Herald article:
Bettye Rasmussen and her husband adopted their daughter when the girl was five weeks old.

“We told her as soon as she could understand about being adopted and she never felt unloved,” said Rasmussen. Rasmussen said the daughter, now 37, even met her biological parents a few years ago, and she heard her say to them she was glad she was given up for adoption.

Rasmussen has been upset this week reading about a case in Farmington Hills which links adoption to one of the accused murderers.

The mention of adoption came up again Wednesday when after the accused man’s arraignment Wednesday, a woman named Christine Frederick — who said she knew Cipriano — believed some of his problems stemmed from his being adopted and “feeling lonely and abandoned.”

Cipriano, 19, and another man, Mitchell Young, 20, are charged with beating and killing Cipriano’s 52-year-old father Robert when they broke into the Cipriano family home at 2:50 a.m. Monday. Police said they were confronted by the family and used a baseball bat in the attacks.

Rasmussen isn’t buying that.

His issues, Rasmussen surmised, have “nothing to do with him being adopted.”

Cipriano, she said, “can’t blame his biological parents for anything. They loved him best they could. It’s a tragedy.”

Around Oakland County, adoption services officials agreed with Rasmussen.

Cathy Eisenberg, director of Bingham Farms-based Child & Parent Services, Inc., said, “There are biological children who are also violent and angry,” said Eisenberg,  

“As far as I’m concerned, this has nothing to do with (Cipriano’s) adoption.”
Pretty definitive statements, despite this caveat shared in the article: "Officials with the state’s Department of Human Services said there are no studies comparing crime with adoption."


Sunday Taylor said...

i found this statment kind of 'funny'

""Officials with the state’s Department of Human Services said there are no studies comparing crime with adoption."" -then how would they know?

Amanda said...

I liked your comment on the article, Sunday.

This article wasn't much better than the ones that correlate the man's violent behavior with his adoption. There are two condemning extremes: one is to paint adoptees as sociopaths. The other is to paint adoption as entirely perfect. Neither are really accurate.

I wince every time I see adoptees spoken about this way in the media. No one given thing, adoption included, causes someone to engage in violent or Anti-Social behavior. It's too thrilling and easy for people to believe this about adoptees and the media loves to play it up at our expense.