Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Texas Tradition

What can you do?  It's a Texas tradition!  Each year, you are REQUIRED, as incident to Texas State citizenship, to photograph your children in fields of bluebonnets.  We were just about to lose our citizenship status because it's been a few years, so we observed the tradition today! The fields of blue near Ennis, TX were pretty incredible -- these photos don't really do it justice.

Oh, and since we had to climb a fence to photograph the girls in the midst of the bluebonnets, (I can't believe I'm doing this!) I'll share our "riding fence" photo!


Linda said...

Love it!! My n Dad lives in Texas, but I have only been there once in the spring. The wildflowers along the highways are so beautiful! I stopped several times last year and took pictures.

malinda said...

Linda, we give Ladybird Johnson credit for the wildflowers -- beautifying the "haw-ways and baw-ways of Texas" was her thing!

B.A. said...

how gorgeous! love the family shots!