Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adoption Themes in "Chimpanzee"

Here's a review of the upcoming DisneyNature movie, Chimpanzee, from a mom who saw a preview, highlighting adoption themes in the movie:
I didn't expect the adoption theme that caught me off guard. Now adoption themes in family movies often go one of two ways - very poorly rendered as a joke within the movie - like ELF - or poor orphan child victim of the foster care system that is always headed up by an evil foster parent, never caring, always in it for money. Occasionally you can substitute adoptive parent for the angry evil foster care parent. Poor sad waif. Victim mentality that drives me bonkers. Or, in nature usually cartoon characters that are adopted by some species outside their normal experience. Cat taken in by raccoons etc.

I am here to say that is not the case with Chimpanzee. This is the story of Oscar, baby chimp born to a caring Mom and a big extended family in the jungles of Africa. This is a stirring look at how one unexpected member takes over when there is a need and how, even in nature foster care and adoption happen. It's beautiful and funny and charming and amazing and I know we will see this magnificent movie again. It gets my highest rating of $$$$$.
Just an FYI for anyone planning to see it!


Rebecca Hawkes said...

Thanks for the review. I've actually been wondering about that. I suspected an adoption theme based on the preview and wondered how it would be handled. Both of my daughters and I are excited to see this movie.

susan said...

I saw Jane Goodall on Colbert last night and thought I'd better get ready for the adoption theme before we see it. I'll look forward to reviews from other adults connected to adoption in some way.