Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sold into Slavery, then Sold Again into Adoption

At Women's News Network, a report of a meeting at the U.N. on human trafficking; here's a snippet about Rani Hong, who was sold into slavery and then to an international adoption agency:
Two women who were personal victims of human trafficking, Rani Hong and Somaly Mam, added their personal experiences and voices to the discussions.

Hong grew up in a poor large South Indian family suffering with a father who had become very sick. When one of the leaders of her village offered her family a way to ‘take care’ of Rani with an opportunity for her to get also get an education she was allowed to leave. But the family had been tricked as they unknowingly allowed their child to be sold into slavery at the age of 7-years-old. Once with her trafficker, Rani was beaten daily, kept from eating and traumatized severely. At the age of eight she was sold again she was sold again to an international adoption agency and was adopted by American (U.S.) parents who were unaware at the time she had been trafficked, she told Oprah Winfrey in a December 2010 TV interview.

21 years later Rani went back to India and found her birth mother, providing a pivotal and insightful moment in her life.

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