Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost Children Links

Kids Stolen From Their Mothers and Sold to New Families Looking for Answers, from the New York Post about a baby-selling ring in New York.

Lost Children, from Vietnam News, after nearly five years of searching, a village in Vietnam is finally getting answers about the fate of 13 children placed abroad for adoption.

Sierra Leone Parents Demand Kids' Return, about the 29 families who lost children to international adoption without their consent.

Hundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption,' says the Guardian (UK).

The Missing Girls of China: Population, Policy, Culture, Gender, Abortion, Abandonment, and Adoption in East-Asian Perspective, an article from law professor David Smolin.


Lorraine Dusky said...

Thank you for posting all that you do. It's bracing and believable when you do it; when I talk about it, I'm just another first mother ranting...

and I am surrounded by adoptive parents who don't want to know. The woman who recently brought back a gorgeous three-year-old from Nepal I can't even look in the face, let alone talk to her.

lorraine from First Mother Forum

malinda said...

Thanks, Lorraine. I HATE that people won't listen to first mothers and adoptees on these issues. I know you are all capable of speaking out for yourselves, and don't need me speaking for you. But I also know the reality is that adoptive parents are more likely to be listened to (not that I reach that many, or that that many listen when I say something that contradicts their world view about adoption!).