Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Blog Nominations Sought at Grown in My Heart

The group adoption blog Grown in My Heart is soliciting nominations for their 2011 Best Blogs list and the deadline is TOMORROW  (I was honored to be included in the 2010 list). There are lots of different categories, so you can nominate lots of your favorites.  If you feel motivated to nominate this blog, I'd be delighted, but I'd suggest that you should NOT nominate me for Best Adoptive Parenting Blog.  Why?

Well, consider the Valentine greeting I got from my youngest daughter at school pick-up today.  After the usual hellos, I saw a tissue-paper flower in her Valentine loot bag, and thinking someone gave it to her, I said, "What a pretty flower!"  Maya responds, "It's for ZOE!  Not for YOU!"  Oooookay.  I say, "That's sweet of you to give your sister a Valentine flower."  Maya then starts the well-known rhyme in a sing-song voice:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You're a TERRIBLE mom
and I HATE you.
Yikes!  Isn't that a lovely variation on the traditional Valentine's Day poem!?!  Doesn't look like Maya will be nominating me for Mother of the Year, or anything else, for that matter (but that doesn't mean that you can't nominate me for something, HINT HINT (OK, just how desperate do I sound?  I think Valentine's Day brings out all kinds of desperation in me!))

Turns out, when all the dust settles, that Maya was really mad at herself, not me, because she hadn't finished the tissue-paper flower she was working on for me.  And she thought that tricking me into thinking I wasn't going to get a flower was the way to handle it. When we got home and she finished the flower, she presented it to me quite sweetly, noting how much better it was than Zoe's flower, since it came in a cup filled with confetti (oh joy!).  The flower was accompanied by a card with another poem:

Roses are red
Vilits [sic] are blue
You're the best mom
and I love you
Sigh. Couldn't we have just SKIPPED the effing tissue-paper flower (in confetti!) AND all the drama?! A simple "Happy Valentine's Day" and "I love you"  would have been quite enough for me!

But the flower is awfully cute. . . .


Anonymous said...

the flowers - what a great reminder not to take our kids moods and remarks at face value or personally! Jena

Dee said...

You have GIRLS. With girls, you get drama. It's just inevitable. My son doesn't do this sort of thing. Boys mean less drama, in my experience. There are pros and cons with each gender, of course, but Drama is generally part of the package when you have a girl.

It gets worse with adolescence. Brace yourself! LOL

LisaLew said...

OMG we had that SAME issue in first grade. Sydney couldn't finish her tissue flower and was SO UPSET when I picked her up. What is UP with that project??!!
Sweet Maya, glad she is OK now. Clicking to nominate you now....
Go Adoption Talk!!!

LisaLew said...

PS The Deadline for nominations was extended to Feb 28! FYI.

Diane said...

Aw. Poor Maya. Good luck Malinda...looks like you are on a blog award roll! So well deserved.

Anonymous said...

When I click on the link to Grown in my Hearts blog I get nothing..just wondering if the website is down or something..