Monday, February 21, 2011

Laos & International Adoption

Here's a description of a meeting to discuss international adoption for Lao children (Laos is listed as a state from which American citizens can adopt at the State Department website, with a 2008 law approving international adoption):
Lao government officials and representatives of international organisations learned about inter-country adoption yesterday to ensure all Lao children retain their full rights if adopted in other countries.

Deputy Minister of Justice Professor Ket Kiettisack said the government welcomed the adoption of Lao children by people living in other countries, but it should be ensured the children have full rights after adoption.

“Adopted children should be able to visit their birth parents in their home country,” Professor Ket said at the opening ceremony of the Orientation on Inter-Country Adoption, held in Vientiane.

“A good example is people of Lao ethnicity living in France or the US who want to adopt Lao children,” he said. “In Lao tradition, close relatives are the main people to adopt children, helping big families to reduce poverty.”

The Ministry of Justice’s Nationality Division Deputy Head, Mr Bounleuth Saymikya, told the government would give preference to people of Lao ethnicity living abroad and wanting to adopt Lao children.

“Anyone is welcome to adopt, whether they are single or married, so long as they fulfill the related legal conditions,” he said.
I always find it intriguing to see how non-Western countries view adoption -- adoption tends to be much more open in those societies.

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veggiemom said...

I wish the US was more encouraging of this. Birth family contact is one of the best things that can help to ensure openness and transparency. It should be much more encouraged here for international adoptions.