Friday, August 6, 2010

Open Adoption as College Essay Topic?

From College Confidential, an answer for a student about addressing open adoption in a college essay:

My parents were pioneers in the “open adoption” movement, and as a result, I have close relationships to my birth parents (and even birth grandparents). Is this something to mention in my essay (as a “hook” or something admissions officers will even care about)?

Kudos to your parents (and to you) for maintaining close ties to your “extended family.” I think that these relationships would make a great college-admissions essay topic. Your atypical situation will help you to stand out in a crowd, and it’s also something that’s important to you … which is usually the best essay fodder.

* * *

But, however, you decide to approach it, you definitely have some good material to work with, and your essay should provide admission folks with a helpful glimpse into your life that the rest of the application probably won’t.
I've on the admissions committee at the law school, and as cynical as it seems to be, this is very good advice.  Anything that makes an applicant stand out is a help.  So congratulations to all of you who thought ahead to college admissions, and decided on an open adoption to give your child a leg up!


Heather said...

Hee! I made that same joke when that article came across my Twitter stream. :)

malinda said...

Heather, great minds think alike! The story immediately piqued my interest as an admission committee member. I know I voted to admit a student whose essay was about being an international adoptee (it helped that he had stellar grades and a high LSAT!), though he decided to attend another school.

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