Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adoption in School -- Samples, Handouts & Downloadables

My last post on adoption in the schools required you to BUY resources.  This one features internet resources, handouts & downloadables that are free, free, free!

Dear Teacher A sample letter that you can tailor to your own needs if you want to share with your child's teacher information about adoption.

ADOPTION IN THE SCHOOLS: A LOT TO LEARN, Promoting Equality and Fairness for all Children and Their Families, from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.

Adoption in the Classroom, a 2-page clip & save guide for teachers about adoption in the classroom, from Adoptive Families magazine.

Adopted Children in the Early Childhood Classroom  Suggestions for teachers who have adopted children in the classroom.

Teacher's Guide to Adoption, a ten-module guide to teaching about adoption.

Tackling Tricky Assignments, a clip & save guide examining 6 typical school assignments that can be tricky for adopted children.

Adoption Basics for Educators:  How Adoption Impacts Children and How Educators Can Help, a printable booklet for teachers.

Adoption Competent School Assignments, explaining the bias and providing the fix for some typical school assignments difficult for adopted kids.

Helping Classmates Understand Adoption, a handout for parents/students to help them understand adoption when an adopted child is in the classroom.

And yes, those are my big girls, all dressed up and ready to go for the first day of school.  It's a big year -- Maya is now in first grade, so graduates to the plaid jumper, and Zoe is in fourth grade and graduates to the saddle oxfords.  Just ask them, and they'll tell you what a BIG DEAL that is!


JBH said...

Thanks for posting these. Even though I'm an adult adoptee with no adopted children, I keep the PDFs on my computer as resources for parents and fellow educators:-)

M3 said...

Awesome tools -- thank you for posting them!!