Tuesday, August 3, 2010

India Court Orders Search for 35-year-old Adoption Records

From Yahoo News in India:

The registry of the Bombay High Court will have to trace the documents of an international adoption which took place 35 years ago. A division bench of Justice B.H. Marlapalle and Justice Anoop Mohta on Monday directed the high court's registry to trace the documents on the adoption of Daksha Van Dijck, who was adopted by a Dutch couple in 1975. The direction came following a petition filed by Dijck (34) seeking help to search her roots. Dijck, a clinical psychologist and who has worked as a scientist at Maastricht University, has filed the petition alleging that she was probably kidnapped as an infant in 1975 and was placed for international adoption by a Matunga-based adoption agency.

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Sandy said...

Good for her and good for India's court for standing up for her rights...

You made my day.