Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School: Resources on Bullying and Racism

I was working on this resource list yesterday before I got side-tracked by that discussion of diversity and racial identity I posted about.  Now, these links seem more important than ever:

Building Racial Identity: Choosing a School & The Issue of Race for Private School Children of Color from PACT, the well-respected adoption alliance emphasizing services for adopted children of color.

Bullying Fast Facts, quick statistics on the prevalence of bullying -- may be helpful if your school doesn't think bullying is a problem.

Identifying And Responding To Bias Incidents, dealing with school incidents motivated by bias or prejudice.

Best Practices in Bullying Prevention & Intervention:  Ten-step plan for assessing bullying in your school and creating a plan to stop it.

Teaching Diverse Students Initiative, web-based resources for teachers, courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance website.

How to Intervene to Stop Bullying: Tips for On–the-Spot Intervention at School & Bullying: Guidelines for Teachers:  Great advice for school personnel on intervening in the moment to protect a child being bullied.

For Kids:  What is Bullying? A great all-inclusive definition of bullying that takes it beyond the physical;  might be good for educators who don't think of bullying beyond the physical, either.

Bullying:  Tips for Students, with concrete things kids can do when being bullied or seeing bullying.

Being EXPLICIT About Race & Racism, a post about talking to your kids about race and racism.

Talk With Your Child About Bullying, a one-page handout with suggested ways to explore whether your child is being bullied, something they may be reluctant to tell you about.

Chinese Eyes Again, an account of talking with my kids about a racial teasing incident at their school.

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