Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where did you get your Chinese name?

Zoe's Chinese language camp starts on Tuesday, and yesterday she got a call from her teacher.  And yes, her teacher wanted to talk to her, not me, which I think is great. (She did speak to me for a few minutes, just to confirm the date and time and place, and she asked me if Zoe had a Chinese name.  I said yes, Yi Ling.)

Zoe told the teacher that she didn't understand much Chinese, but when the teacher asked her questions to test her understanding, Zoe was able to understand and answer in Chinese.  One question Zoe answered in English, so I heard her say, "I was in an orphanage and the director was Mr. Gan and he gave me my Chinese name."

Well, that explains it!  I don't think the teacher had figured out that Zoe was Chinese and adopted until that point.  That should prevent the double-take on Tuesday when I drop Zoe off!

Zoe is proud of her Chinese name, and likes that Mr. Gan named her.  It's a reminder that even orphanage-given names are important. 

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