Friday, June 11, 2010

Alicia Keyes, South Africa & International Adoption

Alicia Keyes, who will be performing at the World Cup kick-off in South Africa, wants the country to allow international adoptions:

Speaking at a press conference for the Keep a Child Alive (KCA) campaign, Keys urged South Africans to take a stand against HIV/Aids, particularly in light of its effect on Aids orphans.

* * *

Keys said they would have talks with the South African government regarding international adoption. She said while laws were understandably in place to protect children, with an estimated 3.7 million orphans, the laws needed to be addressed to make it more possible for children to be adopted into loving homes.


LisaLew said...

Are those stats correct - 3.7 million orphans? If so, that is astounding.

Real Daughter said...

It would be better if "stars" such as Ms. Keyes would urge South Africans to demand better healthcare from their government. Shipping children to a foreign country is traumatic on the children, and their first families. ALL families should have the resources to stay together.