Monday, December 28, 2009

We're in Vermont!

We liked that little touch of "White Christmas" we got in Texas, so we decided to head to Vermont to visit my sister! Actually, we've been planning to visit for quite a while, since she's getting married on New Year's Day (how's that for an easy anniversary to remember?!).

The girls were thrilled when it started snowing today, and I was thrilled that Aunt Kim took them out in the snow and left me toasty warm to take pictures from inside.

There's likely to be a blogging slowdown this next week, and wanted to let you know why . . . .


Wendy said...

Have a great time and congrats to your sister!

Victoria said...

My home state, Vermont! I had to ask--I did a double-take when I saw your daughter's blue hat (on the left). I knit one recently that both my daughter and I wear and it looks like the same one. (FWIW, mine is the pattern "Twisted" and it was knit in baby blue Malabrigo - same color. If you are not a knitter you are not going to have a clue what I'm talking about, LOL)

malinda said...

Victoria, I don't knit, but I know enough knitters to have an inkling of what you're talking about! But the hat was storebought, so not like yours and your daughter's I'm sure!

My sister lives in Bradford -- anywhere near where you grew up?

Victoria said...

Bradford is not too far, Malinda, sort of midway between where my parents live and where I spent many years (Burlington). It is a tiny state!

Amazing that that is a store-bought hat - it looks exactly like the one I knit (and wear today!).

Have fun in VT!