Monday, December 7, 2009

News Links

From Newsweek, The Power of Two -- Chinese twins separated by adoption reunited.

From the New York Times, Aid Gives Alternative to African Orphanages -- how offering support to families can keep kids out of orphanages.

Guatemala Re-opening International Adoption (sort of). It's to be a small pilot program. . . .

CCAA Press Release on Delegation's Visit to the U.S. & Canada (no surprise, no mention of any discussion of corruption). For another happy-happy-joy-joy account from the NCFA (consider the source, click here.

Family Wants to Return Adopted Child -- Oklahoma family wants law to be changed so they can return the 8-year-old they adopted 2 years ago.

Social Barriers Remain for Adoption -- how poor pregnant teens are pressured into keeping their babies instead of placing them for adoption (?!), and the tragedy that ensues when they don't place for adoption. Can you spell "bias?"

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Anonymous said...

On the last article, I still think young women ought to be counseled that adoption exists. It is their right to be informed of all the choices available to them. It may be an imperfect choice but child abandonment, child death, and 3 kids by age 19 ain't so hot in my opinion either.