Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elton John to support Ukrainian boy he wasn't allowed to adopt

From YahooNews:

Elton John's partner says the musician was devastated that he wasn't allowed to adopt an HIV-positive Ukrainian toddler, but plans to support the boy anyway.

The 62-year-old pop star met 14-month-old Lev at a home for HIV-positive children in September. But he was refused permission to adopt the boy because he was too old and not married [actually, he and David Furnish married in 2006].

John's partner David Furnish said Tuesday the couple was "massively gutted" by the rejection.

Furnish told BBC radio they were working to ensure Lev and his brother "have the best health care, education and family options available to them."


SustainableFamilies said...

That is so awesome! Not that he was denied the adoption due to being gay, but that he is sponsoring the child anyway!!!!

Anonymous said...

62 is too old to parent an infant-- no matter how much money you have-- but I am glad he is sponsering the baby.