Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two NPR Stories on International Adoption

I heard one of the stories on the drive home today (from Tell Me More, which I love, BTW!), and listened to the other online because Harlow's Monkey posted the link.

Tell Me More, April 7, 2009 · Recent news that music icon Madonna was denied her request to adopt a second child from the African country of Malawi sparked a larger discussion about overseas adoptions. Tracey Neale, a former TV news anchor who adopted twins from Ethiopia, and Deborah George, a radio producer and mother of an adopted daughter from Sierra Leone, discuss the difficulties of adopting children from overseas.

Talk of the Nation, April 7, 2009 · Americans adopt thousands of children from other countries every year. The process can be tricky, and would-be adoptive parents often face the question "Why not adopt an American kid?"

Isolde Motley, co-author of You Can Adopt, and mother of one biological child and two adopted children

Susan Soon-Keum Cox, vice president of public policy and external affairs for Holt International

Both are thoughtful explorations of issues in international adoption, in about the depth you'd expect in 15 to 30 minutes.

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Third Mom said...

Hey, Malinda, thanks for info on these, I hadn't heard them.