Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog Friends

What a treat today! I got to meet Wendy and her husband Jeff, and the always fabulous Madeline. They were gracious enough to drive for 2 hours just to have lunch with me -- I'm honored! I've "known" Wendy since I started the Xiamen Adventure blog in 2007, where I blogged about our 5-month sojourn in China. Wendy was then, and is still, my most indefatigable commenter! (Since I'm embarassing her by posting her photo, I figured it would only be forgiveable if I embarassed myself in the same way).
I don't think anyone seeing us would have realized we had just met for the first time -- the virtual world translated so smoothly into the physical world. I swear I've known Wendy forever, and even her voice sounded exactly as I expected.

Madeline is adorable, and consented to give me a hug since I hadn't had any little-people hugs since Wednesday, and even let me hold her hand. We shared knock-knock jokes, and I told her Zoe's & Maya's current favorite: "Where does the King keep his armies? Up his sleevies!" Madeline in an accomplished ice skater and showed me a truly excellent arabesque. I think she shares my kids' opinion that I'm just a little weird, especially when I said, "I'm going to take a picture of you taking a picture of me!"
I got to meet another blog friend -- Margie of Third Mom. I knew I was going to like her blog the minute I read the explanation for the title: "Let me tell you about all of my mommies!" said my five-year-old son one day as we sat in our kitchen. He began counting: "There's my first mother in Korea, then Mrs. Cho (his foster mother), and then you - you're my third mom!" It so reminded me of Zoe explaining to Maya about their moms: "I have a birth-, a grand-, a god-, and a regular. And you have a birth-, a foster-, a grand-, and a regular." That's me, regular mom. Or if you're counting, I'm Fourth Mom!
I loved that Margie OWNED her title, embraced it, identified with it, instead of the all-too-familiar, loyalty-dividing "I'm the ONLY mom" title. Her blog has helped me alot in understanding adoption issues, and wouldn't you know it, she helped me in person by opening a locked door keeping me out of the hotel (how's that for symbolism!).
I love the internet! Who wants to hold hands and start singing, "It's a small world after all . . ."?


Wendy said...

Hi again Malinda! We LOVED our visit and Madeline thought you were REALLY NICE and FUNNY!
Thank you again for the lunch; although, I don't think I argued hard enough!
I so agree, I totally felt like I had known you forever and you were exactly as I expected. I guess that shows that we put it and ourselves out there--take it or leave it, right?
I am looking forward to "meeting in the middle", I know the girls will have a great time together too!
So cool you got to meet ThirdMom, I love her blog as well.
It was an awesome visit, I only wish it could have been longer. There is so much more to discuss!
*I do forgive you since you posted the one of the two of us :-)

Wendy said...

Forgot to mention, I haven't posted yet. You beat me to it! Actually I left the camera in the car and don't want the door chime to go off and wake up M--she was late to bed as she got a great nap in on the way home!

Diane said...

Wow. I am so enjoying your important virtual connections becoming REAL! So fabulous and exciting! Big congrats. What great experiences although I would be seriously missin' my little people hugs too ;)

Third Mom said...

Hey, there! I'm glad you're home safe, and wow you have some energy because I've managed ONE post since I got home, LOL!

It was sssooooo good meeting you, and I'm still laughing that we literally walked into each other - amazing! The conference was terrific, AAC and ANC should be very proud. I learned something at every session I intended, but even more enjoyed the camaraderie, plus all the new friends. So much fun!!

Keep in touch, as I will. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!