Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keeping Me Company

Zoe and Maya sent me to Cleveland with some items to keep me company. They plucked their favorite portraits from the mantle, and Maya drew a picture of me with my suitcase ready to hop a plane back home! She even shared her lamby with me.

So now the girls can see that I put up my "family shrine" on the bedside table in my room, where I can look at their pictures and be happy. And I can grab the lamb any time I need a cuddle!

Be back soon!


Wendy said...

How sweet! See you tomorrow!

mimifrancoise said...

Of course you know that the first thing out of Zoe's suitcase was your photo (which is now on the night stand in the room they use here. They miss you but they are having a good time here. They are too busy with extra-curricular activities. Tonight they went to sleep within two minutes after I left their room. We had to say "I love you" in several languages. They got a kick out of that.

Lynne said...

That is incredibly adorable! I love that you set up the shrine and took pics. You and the girls can remember it always!