Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YOU'RE not adopted!

The girls and I were having a silly conversation in the car yesterday about UFOs and IHOP and other acronyms (ok, we're all completely geeky!), and Maya asks at one point, "What does MS stand for?" I said, "Malinda Seymore!" Maya, who has the same initials as me, claimed it stood for her, of course. I insisted if it was her, it would have to be MNS (middle name Noelle). Zoe corrected me, "No, it would be MNBS" -- including her Chinese middle name. "And," Zoe continued, "I'm ZEYS. And YOU are ML-zero-S because YOU'RE not adopted (Oh, yes, that was the nyah-nyah-na-nyah-nyah tone of voice!)!"

Isn't it sad, that I am so disadvantaged that I wasn't adopted and so didn't get 4 initials. I'll try to cope with the disappointment!

As you can see, yesterday adoption was a good thing!


Wendy said...

She one up'ed you there!

malinda said...

Oh, yeah, she did! One of the problems of having smart kids(Not that I'm complaining!).