Friday, January 2, 2009

New Poll: Matching Families

Finally, a new poll! Joanne inspired this one in her comment to the Not My Family post. She asks: "Just curious, Mia will be 3 yrs old in Feb (wow!); at what age do these questions and statements:) begin?!!"

So vote, and then comment here to explain your vote! Comments are especially helpful, particularly when you can describe how your child conveyed that impression -- how she/he acted, what he/she said.

Oh, and if you have more than one child, vote based on the one who had the earliest reaction!

The next poll will ask when your child first seemed to realize the sad part of adoption as well as the happy part.


Wendy said...

We received our daughter at 25 months and she noticed almost immediately. She was obsessed with hair color, eye color (we do have the same as her)--especially with my niece and her friend, blonds (2-3).
She also pays "extra" attention to her Asian American friends whose mothers are Asian--she thinks that is the coolest thing (age 4).

Joanne said...

Ooooo, I inspired a vote?! Seriously though, thanks for helping out ~ I'm sure there are a lot of others moms out there who are curious :)

Anonymous said...

Children are so individual. Mine are both school age now and pretty matter of fact about the whole thing.

Wendy M. said...

You don't have a category for me. Neither my 5 year old daughter adopted from China, nor my 7 year old biological son, has figured out that we don't look different. I've even mentioned the topic several times, especially to my son, since he is older and I thought he might hear the "you can't be REAL brother and sister" comment earlier, from school mates. I asked him if he ever noticed that we look different from his sister, like our eyes. He said, "No, I never noticed anything different." My daughter has never said anything about any of us looking different, although I do have long, straight, dark brown hair, similar to hers.


Wendy said...

Wendy M--it seems that some Korean adoptees have said in documentaries and such that they didn't see the difference until they saw the family photo or someone point it out. I think there are those notice right away and others who just don't see it until they are teens.

Dee said...

We'll celebrate my DD's 5th birthday at the end of February. As far as my middle aged brain remembers, I think she first started remarking about different features (eye shape/color, hair color) between ages 2 and 3. She definitely talked about skin color (hers and mine) at age 3.25. At that time, she was in a summer preschool age "camp" where she may have been one of the only non-caucasian kids. She denied that anyone at the camp had said anything about skin color, so she may have come up with the observation on her own.