Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Birth Mother, Myself

Our friend from China is still visiting, and I wondered whether Zoe would talk with her at all about her adoption. Well, she did. Zoe was giving XiaoLi a tour of the artwork (drawn, of course, by Zoe and Maya) on the walls of the playroom (which is also the spare room where X is staying). X asked about one of the pictures of a woman, and Zoe explained that it was her birth mother. When X asked about the tears on her face, Zoe explained that her birth mother was sad that she couldn't keep her.

It's funny, because when Zoe first drew the picture, it wasn't her birth mother, it was a self-portrait! I think Zoe was just looking for an opening to talk about her birth mother with X.


Dee said...

I think it's great that Zoe can talk about her feelings and express herself so well. That's a healing thing. My daughter is still repressing the emotions about her birthmom and being rejected, and I dread the day when all that sadness comes flooding out.

Lys said...

You can delete this once you read it - I came from your other blog about China as we are currently here (friends with some new Fulbrighters too) and just thought you might be interested in knowing that your comment on Maya and Zoe's Kindergarten hospital experience was used at What's On Xiamen just recently
Anyway, glad to see you're still around, though in other areas.

Alyssa, Xiamen Chine