Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Korean Adoptee Reunion Videos

Thanks to Mei-Ling for this link to a series of videos of Korean adoptees' reunions with birth mothers.

About 2:20 minutes into this one (there are 5 others), mother and son are reunited. Whew, very emotional!


Wendy said...

I watched these last night. Yes, you will need the tissue. Thank you Mei-Ling for the link (that is where I saw them too).
What was really interesting to me was the moment the adult adoptees encountered the AP's in the waiting room--I so hope the AP's took some mental notes at that moment--not to mention when the young girl was having a hard time going into see her birth mother and the AP in the hall seemed to want to "ignore her moment". I hope she took home the grief that was heard through the walls from the birth mother and the need for the young girl to meet her.

I am so honored these young people shared their moment and was so saddened for the older man who, it seems, may never locate his family. Seeing the "search" through their eyes brought all the unknowns to our daughters' situations--it could never be as it is in Korea in the future--maybe a variation on this method of searching, as they did with those going on tv who had no records/false records.

It makes me more appreciative of all I do know and all the more determined to find the rest of the puzzle--my daughter should always have the right to know when she is ready too. KNowledge is power--the power to know who you are and to be "complete".

Mei-Ling said...

I still cringe when I rewatch them...

Laura said...

For anyone who doesn't know (I'm sure most of you do, though), the mother keeps saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I missed you. I missed you.
I don't speak Korean, but I've figured it out by hearing my own birthmother say it constantly (and my twin, who speaks a little english translated too).

Laura said...

Of course upon further viewing of the video, I my previous comment was already explained. Sorry! (Laughing)