Monday, January 19, 2009


We started out the day watching Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, and I was amazed that the girls sat still and silent through the whole 17+ minutes. (BTW, I always have to use his full name -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -- since Zoe won't accept anything less, and has been that way since pre-school!) . Maya colored the picture above at school on Friday.

After watching the speech, Zoe was motivated to write her own "I have a dream" speech:
I have a dream that all people will be equal.
I have a dream that M.L.K. day is special to M.L.K. in heaven.
I have a dream that Barack Obama leads us to good choices.
I have a dream that Joe Biden is a good Vice President.
I have a dream that the Obamas enjoy the new pet.
I have a dream that Mr. Obama does hard work in the White House.
I have a dream that my children will know that their mom is adopted and it is very important to her.
Since I already posted the "I have a dream" speech, I thought I'd do something different today to mark the occasion.

So what are you doing today to make MLK day special?

P.S. That "something special" could be just day-off-from-school specialness, too!


Wendy said...

I have been very interested in reading so many blogs that discuss the MLK education their kids received today. The good thing--they are talking about him. The bad--some discussions are so way off base or lacking significantly in race relations and Civil Rights.

Lisa said...

Sydney's class had a "I have a dream" project where they wrote down their dreams and drew pictures. I think they'll put them up at open house. Two of her most notable dreams: "I have a dream that my family will be happy forever" (picture of the 4 of us looking like a smiling family snapshot). The other - "I have a dream that my baby brother will be a Saint some day" (picture drawn of her brother in some saintly garment).

malinda said...

I love Sydney's "dreams"! Zoe's class also did the project, but Zoe won't tell me what she did because "it's a surprise." She assured me that the things on this list aren't the same as the ones she did in class, because she didn't want to ruin the surprise!