Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wish List: Adoption and Chinese Books

Zoe and Maya wrote their Christmas wish lists over the weekend, and put them in their stockings (this is what we do instead of letters to Santa -- mostly so I can keep them since Santa leaves them behind!). Maya's list includes dinosaurs, Transformers and "boy stuff." Zoe's list includes roller blades, ALL Webkins, and "more adoption and Chinese books." Like we don't have enough already!

The other night Zoe picked an adoption book for us to read for bedtime stories, and I teased her, saying, "Do we HAVE to read adoption books all the time?!" Her ready reply, "Mo-om (yes, the two-syllable Mom we're all so familiar with!), you KNOW how much these books help me!"

She cracks me up! Yes, I know how much these books help, but I wasn't quite aware that SHE knew. Of course, writing book reviews that include a "What I learned/How it helped" category probably has something to do with it!

So now I need a wish list -- what are your favorite children's books about adoption? I'd be especially interested in those published in the last few years, and those for the 9-12 age group.


Wendy said...

We have a lot of books too, but we don't have much in that age range. If I hear of anything great I will let you know.

Dee said...

Does Zoe have At Home in this World? If not, I think that fits for this age range. Also: The Three Names of Me. Another that comes to mind is The Mulberry Bird.