Friday, December 26, 2008

Almond Eyes

A couple of days ago we were reading a story that had the phrase "almond eyes." Maya asked tons of questions about her eyes and Zoe's eyes and my eyes, and required illustration of "almond eyes." We didn't have any almonds, but we did have CHOCOLATE-covered almonds! So we're all sucking the chocolate off the almonds and holding them up to our eyes -- I can only imagine what an observer would have thought!

Maya first decided none of us had almond eyes, and then she decided ALL of us had almond eyes. Finally, she concluded that SHE had almond eyes, but Zoe and I did not. So much for "almond eyes" as a substitute for Asian eyes!

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Wendy said...

I have never understood that reference. Anyone know who came up with it? It does not represent my daughter's eyes (actually more of mine, but then again--not). Is it supposed to be endearing, I don't find it so. Just as "Caucasian" eyes are not round. Every "race" has varying shapes of eye lids.