Saturday, December 6, 2008

Share YOUR adoption talks, please!

I’d like to hear more about the conversations you’re having with your kids about adoption, birth parents, race, etc., so I can share them on the blog. For example, an adoptive mom told me about this very interesting “adoption talk:”

It was on her birthday (turning 8). One of her friends is adopted from Korea, and has information about her birth parents. She told me it “isn’t fair” that her friend knows who her birth parents are and she doesn’t have the same information. I sympathized, and we talked about why it is hard to have that information from China. I told her a little about Lydia’s situation, and how they found her birth family. She asked if we could put her picture in the paper in China and try to find her birth parents because she wants to meet them. Isn’t that AMAZING? She hasn’t talked so openly with me about her birth parents before.
Again, it seems that a birthday served as a catalyst for thinking about/talking about birth parents. And Lydia’s story opens up possibilities that allow an 8-year-old to express her wish to meet her birth parents.

Email me your stories – I’m happy to post anonymously, or give credit, as you desire.

Thanks in advance!

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Louanne said...

If Nadia was big enough, I would. But for now I will just read what you guys have to share :)