Friday, December 5, 2008


I had a parent-teacher conference with Maya's pre-school teacher today, and wasn't at all surprised to hear how well Maya is doing. Maya is so laid-back that she often crosses the border into the L-A-Z-Y territory, but she's been doing great the last few months at actually FINISHING her work at school (I still can't get her to finish much of anything at home, though, and she has the most interesting-functioning bladder, that requires her to go potty any time I say it's time to clean up!)

But I was especially tickled to hear her teacher's description of Maya making Playdough dumplings. Maya explained to her that she made REAL dumplings at her kindergarten in China -- how remarkable that she remembered. Ms. Christie described Maya working intently to make small balls to put inside the Playdough "crust," and then carefully crimping the edges together for her crescent-shaped dumplings. Amazing!

I guess we'll have to take a stab at making REAL dumplings -- maybe over Christmas break.

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Wendy said...

I have committed to give it a try for CNY this time around. I think I can re-create the look, now for the taste with the lack of ingrediants available around here.