Monday, December 29, 2008


How completely distressing it is to read about these prospective adoptive parents:

The Swedish Society for International Child Welfare says that many Swedes are hoping that an economic crisis in China will make it easier to adopt Chinese babies.

Last year 800 children from outside the Nordic region were adopted into Sweden - but this is the lowest figure in 38 years and the figure for 2008 is expected to be even lower.

Part of the reason is that adoptions from China, which have dominated the statistics in the last ten years, have decreased due to economic growth in China and the rest of Asia.

Now Swedish couples and singles eager to adopt are calling the Swedish Society for International Child Welfare, also known as
Adoptioncentrum and asking whether bad times will mean more available babies.

How can you HOPE for more babies to be abandoned? For more families to be torn apart? The effect of the global economic crisis on families and babies in China, in possibly reversing the trend of fewer babies being abandoned, has been one of my biggest WORRIES, and there are PAPs HOPING that "bad times will mean more available babies?!" Arghhhh!

I know that PAPs can be single-minded in their desire for a child, and I understand where that longing comes from. And I know that it's hard to focus on the best interest of a child who is completely abstract to you. But THIS goes WAAAY over the line into complete insensitivity, into perceived entitlement to scoop up the babies of poor families. ARGHHHH!!!


Wendy said...

White priviledge...we see the same thing here sadly.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't China been saying that there are fewer children in need of homes because so many Chinese families have been adopting? Maybe these Swedish families are thinking that there will be fewer Chinese families adopting, not that more families will be forced to give up their children. Since the 1 child policy is the driving force behind so many abandoned children in the first place, not just the economy.

malinda said...

You've put a far more charitable spin on the news story that I could have, Anonymous! I wish I could believe that's what prospective adopters were thinking!

I certainly don't think this is a uniquely Swedish phenomenon -- I'm sure MANY hopeful adoptive parents are thinking the same thing, perhaps without even realizing what they're hoping for.

Wendy said...

I agree Malinda. I have seen the words written on a-boards, it makes me want to gag. Hate to break it to them (no I don't), China doesn't owe you a thing and in case they forgot or were never informed--countries are supposed to find families for kids, not kids for families.

Wendy said...

I noticed the blowhard on APC is at his word weaving again in order to try and discredit anyone who takes another side or who actually raises a REAL issue! It is due to him and another on that board that it is a joke--too bad that is where agencies send AP's to "learn".

malinda said...


I have to admit I'm a really bad person -- I posted it to APC because I KNEW it would drive them crazy!

Sometimes you gotta make them think . . . .

Wendy said...

Good for you ;-)

It is like a flock of sheep so maybe if you can pull one out from the herdsman it is worth the posting!