Friday, December 17, 2010

A Touch of China Christmas Tree II

Last year, I posted photos of some of the ornaments that bring a touch of China to our Christmas tree (and Tonggu Mamma posted hers here and Xiaoning of ChinaSprout posted a few of hers here).Here are a few new ones we added this year, including the Year of the Sheep ornament above.  That one is Maya's since she is a sheep.  The ornament is actually a key chain I got from Pier One (on sale!) last year.  I also got the dragon for Zoe, since she was born in the Year of the GOLDEN Dragon (she loves to add the "golden" part!).  Zoe uses hers as a backpack ornament, but Maya wanted hers on the tree.

Zoe spotted this pagoda at World Market last night.

I don't remember where I got this little qi pao.  I think I bought it to use in scrapbooking, but it makes a great Christmas ornament!

This lantern, and the fan below, are from World Market -- a boxed set with a kimono-clad girl.  I really like the fan, since we didn't have one before on our tree.

If you've blogged about special adoption or country-specific ornaments on your tree (with pictures!), add the link in the comments so we can ooh and ahh at your ornaments!

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LisaLew said...

Beautiful! Do you still have your Forever Family heart?