Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Picture


NOTHING can make me go to THE MALL (insert scary music) at this time of year.  Well, almost nothing.  Let Zoe break her glasses and need new ones,  and suddenly we're headed to the mall (AND we get to go back to pick up the glasses, too!).

And lo! and behold, there was NO LINE at Santa's house!  So this year, we have a cute Santa picture (and new purple glasses)! (I do think unplanned Santa pictures always turn out better.  Not quite as much stress in getting ready and all Christmasy and all matchy-matchy (matchy-matchy was accidental this time!)).

The girls are still debating about whether this is the REAL Santa or just one of his helpers.  What's your vote?


Scott O said...

I think he's a helper, because my boys are pretty sure the real Santa is at our mall.

Amy said...

My 6-year-old tells everyone that they are Santa's helpers because Santa is way too busy at the North Pole this time of year.