Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nicole Kidman misses "adopted" kids

Nicole Kidman wishes adopted kids lived with her

Nicole Kidman on adopted kids
Nicole Kidman's heartbreak over her adopted children's decision to live with ex Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman reveals heartbreak over adopted children

Nicole Kidman misses adopted kids
Nicole Kidman wants her adopted children to live with her
Nicole Kidman Wishes Adopted Kids Lived With Her
I could go on, the headlines are endless.  Can you see anything that would be lost if the word "adopted" was left out of the headlines? Out of the stories themselves?


harriet glynn said...

Of course NO. ... maybe people will think, wow she cares about her ADOPTED kids as much as her biological baby... (trying to look on the bright side - gawd :(

Linda said...

But they are her adopted kids. She has adopted kids and biological kids. As an adoptee, I don't have an issue with this.

I have an issue with many people buying into the myth that there is no difference between bios and adoptees. There is.

Doubtful if Kidman would have moved away if she had given birth to them.

I feel bad for the Cruise kids. Having ap's who have their own bios sucks- add the media attention, and it's even worse.

Mei Ling said...

"Having ap's who have their own bios sucks"

Sans the part about the celebrity aspect, I grew up with a brother who was biologically-related to my adoptive mom, and it didn't "suck."

Anonymous said...

I agree that it doesn't matter, but I also note that most of the articles I read on the subject didn't mention the adoption at all. I view that as a success!

Pixie said...


Anonymous said...

This could be more about competition between Kidman and Holmes, as this quote seems to reveal--more Mommy Wars!

"His first two children are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me Mom," Katie revealed in an interview.

"Despite her sadness, Nicole admitted that she does have her hands full with husband Keith Urban and baby Sunday Rose.

If I had adopted these kids and could no longer see them regularly I would be sad too. Pretty natural emotion under the circumstances. However, the fact is that the kids chose to live with their dad.

I agree that "adopted" is meaningful in this context with all the other relationships in the mix.

Steve said...

I think Malinda's issue is with the journalism group that prepares the style manual. After all, Ms. Kidman has nothing to do with the headlines.

It surprises me that the style manual has not limited the descriptive "adopted" to situations when it is necessary to the story. Perhaps, the manual creator should be so advised. It's not like the style manual isn't constantly being updated to reflect other changing terminology.

Robin said...

I dislike it when celebrities children are always referred to as the "adopted child". It makes the child sound as if s/he is not really a member of the family. This must be vey hurtful and difficult for the child in light of the celebrity exposure. I know that Michael Reagan has spoken at length about this. It must be doubly hurtful when there are also bio-children in the family.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think the media does this because she now has a bio child. Also, I remember reading a long time ago that Nicole Kidman said something to the effect that she realizes she's not their real mom and the kids call her by her first name. So, I think there might have been a different kind of parenthood relationship established a long time ago.

Robin said...

I had never heard that about Nicole Kidman's relationship with her two oldest children. Sounds kind of sad though, sounds as if the two oldest had no mother at all.

Anonymous said...

Which may be why the kids are now calling Katie "mom".