Wednesday, December 22, 2010

French Families Adopt from Haiti

From the French Tribune:
Many French families have reached Haiti and are going to adopt a group of Haitian children. This bunch consists of the kids who lost their parents and other families during the earthquake that devastated the region almost a year ago.

French Ambassador Didier Le Bret who was happy about the whole process and was very relieved when the families arrived said that these French families had been waiting for almost a year. They had given up hope but finally the good news came to them.

The French families arrived through a government-chartered plane in Port-au-Prince. The ambassador also said that these families have set up examples and have always respected the stand taken by the Haitian government.

Some 105 parents are a part of the group and some 113 children are going to be involved in the mass adoption process. Besides this, some 318 adopted Haitian children are already part of the special program in which France has tried to help the victims of the earthquake.

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