Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chinese School Open House

Today was the last day of Chinese School for the semester, and that entitles me to a bragging mama moment!  My kids got their certificates and prizes (bookbags emblazoned with "Fort Worth Chinese School") for their performances in last month's speech contest, and their classes performed today.  Maya's class sang and Zoe's class put on a skit.  All the kids were adorable (though none quite as adorable as mine, of course!), and here are the pictures to prove it!

So now we are OFFICIALLY on Christmas break!  Let all the relaxing and lollygagging and slacking begin! (Yeah, right!)


Jena Martin said...

Hi Malinda
In time for the holidays wanted to say thanks so much for your Incredible blog! You're the first place I head and pick through a couple of my faves. Not to mention your own intelligent take on these complex issues. I find myself agreeing, yet nearly inarticulate about the tone of adoption discussions on my own.
Best to you and your lovely family,


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