Sunday, January 17, 2010

New China Adoptee Blog!

Meia passed on the link to her new blog, Adoption, Etcetera, where she introduces herself as follows:

The Basics...Adopted at approximately age 2 in December 1993 from Anhui Province, China, by a single woman. I'm a follow-the-golden-rule, origami-crane-folding, peace-making, write-a-letter vegetarian. I'm a stand-on-the-corner-in-a-witch's-costume-and-a-rainbow-scarf protesting-prop 8, pro-gay-rights feminist. I'm a singing-in-the-shower whisperer. I'm a baby-name-book-reading, writer. I'm a cool chess nerd. I'm a travel-around-the-world homebody. I'm a feeding-the-chickens-because-it feels-so-peaceful snail-lover. I'm an adopted adopter of a black cat I named Kitty-Cat. I'm a watch-the-ants-gather-around-the-sugar-water-droplet-because-it's-just-like-Arthur-and-the-knights -at-the-round-table gal. Etcetera.

I love it! Be sure to read her post about Mandarin lessons as a child. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her. Etcetera.


Meia said...

Thanks :) This blogging thing is FUN. I'm hoping I can be as prolific as some of these amazing blogs!

Anonymous said...

With regard to the post on Mandarin classes, I'm sure my children, too, will have a mix of positive and negative memories about their experience going to Chinese school for 3 hours on Sat. afternoons. Definitely my older daughter has felt the sting of not understanding and feeling like it is way too hard for her and we have also struggled through the homework that we barely understand. (We eventually hired a tutor to help with the homework which is much better!) The complaints about going to the lessons wax and wane. Yet I think they are proud of what they have learned and I think the interactions with other Chinese individuals (other adopted kids, kids living with their birthparents, and Chinese adults) are beneficial.
Sue (aka anonymous)

Mei Ling said...

Haha, I remember those years too!