Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Without Boundaries: Vote For Them to Win $1M!

Please vote for Love Without Boundaries to win $1 million from Chase Community Giving. (Voting is free, and therefore won't divert any funds you are donating to Haiti relief.)
The thing I love about LWB is that not only does it help orphans in Chinese orphanages, it also prevents Chinese children from being orphaned. I've posted before about LWB's Unity Fund, which provides medical care/surgery to poor families so that they need not abandon their children in the hopes that they will receive life-saving medical treatment. The only thing better than helping orphans in need, in my opinion, is preventing kids from becoming orphans in the first place.

I'm not asking you to donate a penny, just vote! Voting ends January 22, so vote, and spread the word!

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