Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More details on Jean Smart's China adoption

From People, more details on Jean Smart's adoption of a child from China -- details that will sound familiar to most of us who have adopted:

“When we finally started the process, it actually took a lot longer than we expected. We thought my son [Connor] was going to be about 15 when we got the baby and he’s just turned 20.”

Fortunately, baby girl has proven to be worth the wait. “[Bonnie] is the smartest, funniest, most darling gift,” Jean raves. “And she sleeps all night!”

* * *

There were anxious moments while they were waiting to be matched with a child, however. “The day we got the big envelope with the picture was very exciting and very nerve-wracking,” she says. “Then you have 24 hours or something to say yes or no.”

Jean, Richard and Connor huddled together on the front porch, to open the envelope together as a family. “[We] said ‘Okay, here it goes!’” she recalls. “And we went, ‘Oh my God! She’s so beautiful!’”
I don't plan to post about every detail of celebrity adoptions all the time, but I feel bad for suggesting that Smart might have gotten special treatment on the age front, so I was looking for more information about when they might have been logged in. Nothing that specific here, but certainly seems likely they were under age 55 when logged in.

And don't all of us adoptive parents love to relive that referral moment?!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad she got the funny, smart infant she desired at 58 years old. Gosh forbid, with only 24 hours to decide if she fit the order, thank goodness nothing was wrong with her.

t~ said...

We were at the swearing in ceremony with Jean Smart and her husband, Richard. I can tell you that they were giddy in love with their bouncing bundle of joy and he even spoke of how long they waited. Apparently, the agency before them closed or didn't get Hague accredited (can't remember which) and in the process of their paperwork getting moved to another agency, it got lost and they had to redo the paper chase. I think they said they waited 5 years.