Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pax Visits With Biological Grandmother in Vietnam

According to US Weekly:
During a recent family trip to Vietnam -- the first since Angelina Jolie adopted Pax from an orphanage near Ho Chi Min City on 2007, the 8-year-old spent some time getting to know his biological grandmother Nhan Dung.

"It was a one day visit," an insider tells the new Us Weekly, on stands now. "Nhan was looking forward to it after Pax had lived so many years abroad."

Jolie, 36, and longtime love Brad Pitt arranged for Dung to visit Pax at the seaside Six Sense resort in Con Dao, where the gang stayed during their trip.
Good for them.


Angelle said...

Just curious if in their infinite wealth they could have supported Pax and his biological grandmother rather than removing the child form his origins? Seems rather disingenuous and certainly entitled to say the least since this child was obviously not an "orphan."

Beth said...

Angelle - It is an assumption that the bio grandmother was willing to raise Pax. Have you spoken with her, personally? Oh, I am sorry - I forgot you were friends with LaToya Jackson.

Reena said...

Maybe the grandmother was not willing to raise Pax, but one gets the impression that she wants to know him.

This is his first visit with her in approximately 5-years? Really? Seems like kind of a long time-- all things considered.

Margot said...

Oh, stop judging these people when you don't know the personal details or the situation. Their lives are just as complex as yours.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, stop judging these people when you don't know the personal details or the situation.'

We will stop judging them when they stop using their adopted children as public relations fodder.

Beth is calling said...

Anon - the kids needed homes, the celebs coughed up some nice ones. The celebs seem to love the kids.
What's the problem?
Not all adoptees are abductees.