Friday, November 25, 2011

New Christmas Ornaments!

Our only "Black Friday" shopping today was for Christmas ornaments.  First stop, Hallmark, a longstanding tradition, for each girl to pick out a favorite for the tree.  Next stop, World Market, where we have very good luck finding Asian-themed ornaments for our Touch of China Christmas Tree.  The photo, above, shows our haul. All the ornaments, except Po, came from World Market. 

Po, as a baby from Kung Fu Panda 2, in the radish box he was abandoned in and then found in, came from Hallmark. Hmmmm, what an interesting choice to commemorate that scene in an ornament.  And Zoe was immediately drawn to it in the store.  Part of it is that she likes pandas, but she also said it reminded her of China, where she was found in a box, and I've written before of how that box is important to her.  So now we have an ornament on our tree to commemorate abandonment.  Weird, but Zoe's choice.

Maya's favorite new ornaments, one that says China on it and one that's the Chinese lucky cat:

Zoe's favorite new ones, Po and a glittery purple pagoda:

It makes for a mixed-up tree, with ornamental nods to France (Mimi's home country), music, ballet, kids' artwork, family, and China, but it's our own!


Anne said...

That's not a Chinese cat. It's a Maneki Neko, which is Japanese in origin. From Wikipedia: "due to its popular presence within Chinese communities it is frequently mistaken for being Chinese in origin rather than Japanese and is mistakenly referred to as a Chinese Lucky Cat."

I only know this because Mae loves Maneki Nekos because they remind her of her friend Jonah, who is half Japanese. And because we watch "Cats 101". Apparently the Mankei Neko is based on the Japanese Bobtail. Who knew?

And now I know where I'll be heading in the morning -- Central Market!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the same as Anne. The cat (Maneki Neko) is Japanese, not Chinese. I googled to make sure.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a nice day.

Linda said...

I love "our own" trees. I STILL put out all the artwork ornaments my girls made. LOVE it!!!

malinda said...

Anne & Anon, thanks for the info about the "Chinese" lucky cat! Never knew it was Japanese -- saw it when we were in China ALL THE TIME!!!! Which is why we were so happy to find it as a Christmas ornament.

Hmmm, at what point does appropriation of one culture by another culture make it part of that new culture? Larger topic. . . .

Anonymous said...

Christmas tree ornaments I have collected over my adult years, and all the other decorations is what makes Christmas. Oh and the carols and the lights and the family get togethers - not the presents.

Thanks for the smile.

Connie said...

Went to World Market also. Love their ornaments. We always find something! One question, where did you get the girls' skirts? Got to get one for my Mia! Love it for the holidays!

malinda said...

Connie -- the skirts came from Marshall's!