Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transracial Adoption Research -- Nothing New

Everyone and their brother has been forwarding, tweeting and facebook-posting this recent article, Trans-Racial Adoption:  Research Shows Postitive Outcomes Despite Challenges.  Good news, right?!  Well, good.  But not exactly news.  The first research study they mention, from Feigelman & Silverman, was published in 1993, almost 20 years ago.  And to figure that out, you have to do some digging. 

The next study mention is one by Dong Soo Kim.  I don't know what study is referred to -- I''m assuming it's not his 1976 thesis, because that REALLY wouldn't be news!

The rest of the article is personal experiences related by an adoptive parent and by the executive director of an adoption placement agency working in foster-to-adopt.  Yes, he happens to be a transracial adoptee, but he doesn't say very much about his own personal experience of transracial adoption, except to say that he does think the adoption community should focus on finding same-race placements (not exactly a ringing endorsement of trans-racial placement!).

So while I was initially happy to see this article, it really isn't all that.  Nothing new here at all.

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