Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Made in China = POS

OK, I've gone on record before as disliking the "Made in China" reference to China adoptees:
[I] have long had a strong dislike for the "Made in China, Loved in America" slogan, beloved of many adoptive parents (click here to read a whole slew of them defending the shirt). In a previous post about the book titled, Made in China, I described the slogan thus: "very high yuck factor in terms of objectification/ commodification, with the added assumption that no one loved these girls in China."
Now I have another reason to dislike the slogan as applied.  Zoe was recounting the experience of her friend, M., also adopted from China.  At school, M.'s friends told her that "Made in China" means "Piece of Junk (the kid version of "Piece of "Sh*t," I suppose).  Zoe definitely took it personally -- she was brainstorming what she would say if someone said it to her, and all of her responses started with, "Well, I was made in China. . . ."

So with "Made in China" being equated with shoddy workmanship, we have another reason to avoid that phrase in reference to children adopted from China.  And it's a pretty widespread sentiment, isn't it?  There's even a Facebook page dedicated to it. . . .


Reena said...

"the "Made in China, Loved in America" slogan, beloved of many adoptive parents"

Any wagers that these are the same Aparents who will exhibit righteous indignation at anyone who points out how demeaning these slogans are to their/our children?

Heaven forbid if the person pointing it out happens to be an Adult Adoptee-- because then they are simply bitter, angry, had a bad expereince-- ad nauseum.

Life couldn't possibly be more complex than that-- could it?

Steve said...

I with you on this one Malinda. Thumbs down to the "Made in China" slogan.

Anonymous said...

How anyone found "suitable" to be a parent by all those "rigorous" screenings they have gone through, could possibly think ANY of those "cutesy" things are suitable that we see plastered all over the internet and worn by their new adoptees, is so far beyond comprehension that it boggles the mind.

No worries our child will grow up knowing they are so loved so any of the crap we do now - they will know we did out of love - gag me...it doesn't wash with me just like the excuse our child will understand we wanted her so much we used the orphan card and blatantly begged for money to adopt.

Sadly - they aren't the ones who hear the cruel, mean, words spoken about them, too them...adoptees have enough crap to deal with just being adopted...

Really people have to get a clue - BEFORE they think about adopting.

Anonymous said...

Our children were not born in China and we do not use anything similiar to such phrasing with their countries of birth.

I do however think the reaction here is a bit much. Lumping an infant onesie sporting said slogan is hardly the equivalant of adding to their baggage and emotional damamge as hinted in one of these comments. And in no way relates to families who choose to fundraise.

As with everyone, how Zoe reacts to this situation is not going to be how every adoptee reacts, China born or otherwise.

So Malinda, is your beef with the actual adoptee saying or simply because right now there is a backlash to the crud and toxic poison China truly IS pumping out!?

P.S. Just for reference, it is believed this phrase was coined originally by an adult adoptee, who said it with pride. NOT from AP's....for whatever that's worth.