Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Favorite Posts -- Help!

Thanks to all of you, this blog landed in the top 25 adoption blogs by parents list at Circle of Moms.  Now, they want some information to help publicize the blog to their members.  One of the things they want me to give them is my three favorite posts.  Yikes!  How do I decide that?!  Just three out of over 1,500 posts?!  So I need your help.

What are your three favorite posts here?  Or maybe the three most thought-provoking?  Or maybe, what three posts would you recommend to a friend to let them know what this blog is all about?

Will you please post your suggestions in the comments?  I'd really appreciate it!


Brooke Randolph, LMHC said...

I use your Ten Commandments of Telling and the one on living in a diverse neighborhood as handouts in one of my classes. I'm not sure those are your top three, but it's good basic information to give out as a secondary source... stuff all adoptive parents should know.

The Walrond Family said...
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The Walrond Family said...

We are in the process of adopting for the second time and have friends who still continue to be on the healthy track. this post :

From Jan 2010 about the talk you heard from Amy of LWB

was very powerful along with the comments below it to shed light on the ever asked question "Why does the healthy adoption timeline continue to grow?". This also gives a great argument for the waiting children available who have special needs (many tht are minor and very correctable).
Sorry I removed the last post as I couldn't get the blog post address to show up : ) not tech savvy

Anne said...

"Parenting while not Noticing Race" on Junee 22 of this year. Just flat out awesome -- the writing, the ideas, the everything!

Anonymous said...


This is my favorite all time post. It still upsets me that in at least one state and possible others that AP's can and do even change our birth place...let alone the obvious fiction that we were born to people we weren't...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog and especially the range of topics covered. A couple of recent post that I enjoyed were "Subsidiarity" (a new word for me!), "Parenting While Not Noticing Race" and an older one "DAR and Adoption" (this one because I am eligible for DAR from both my sides of our family, yet my adopted daughter is not).

Thanks for Blogging!